Braking and stability systems

Advanced active safety systems

We're constantly developing new technologies to help keep your car safe and smooth on the road.

Our Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) offers a comfortable ride, however bumpy the surface as well as letting you choose the style of drive you want. The advanced Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) detects critical situations and acts fast to stop skidding before it begins, while the anti-lock braking system (ABS) stops wheels locking. Our new XDS technology lets you grip the road when cornering fast, improving responses for an even safer drive.

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

Supported by the airbag sensors, the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System automatically initiates braking after the vehicle suffers a collision, and brakes for as long as necessary to reduce the speed of the vehicle to 6mph in order to prevent or minimise the severity of subsequent collisions. Standard on all Golf models.

Collision of cars on a busy road
Pre crash illustration


Pre-Crash is a proactive passenger safety system that identifies the possibility of an accident and automatically closes the electronic windows and optional panoramic sunroof. It also tensions the front seat belts as a precautionary measure. Combined with standard Volkswagen crumple zones, airbags and Isofix child seat fixings, our cars are built to offer maximum protection in the event of an accident.

Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC)

Choose the style of drive you want – at the touch of a button. Our Dynamic Chassis Control offers you a way to adapt your suspension to the road.

This innovative system ensures your car's suspension is constantly adapting to suit the road and driving conditions. What's more, you can change the ride setting to suit your mood - at the touch of a button in the centre console. Choose from three modes - Normal, Sport and Comfort - to either firm up or soften the ride and change the characteristics of the power steering.

The Sport mode, for example, stiffens the suspension system and provides greater feedback and steering responsiveness. The result is like driving an agile sports car. So whether you feel like a sharper, sportier drive or just want to settle back and enjoy a relaxed journey, it's up to you.

Illustration of the DCC system
Volkswagen R-Line car on the road


Lets you enjoy sporty driving safely. Our new XDS technology lets you grip the road when cornering fast. It improves responses to ensure an even safer drive.

XDS is an advanced electronic differential lock, linked to a sophisticated Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP) system. We designed it to maximise road holding and improve responses, especially when cornering.

Electronic Stabilisation Control (ESC)

Anti-skidding technology to bring your car back under control. Our advanced Electronic Stabilisation Control detects critical situations to stop skidding before it begins.

ESC predicts what your car is about to do. It uses sensors to monitor the progress of your wheels and the moment they start to slip, the anti-skidding technology takes over by:

  • Applying the brakes to one or more wheels
  • Reducing engine power if necessary
  • This fast, effective reaction stops skidding before it begins.
A Tiguan in a cloudy setting
Lights on a car


Stops wheels locking to prevent skidding. All Volkswagens are fitted with an anti-lock braking systems to stop you losing control of your car and help prevent accidents.

Skidding is one of the major causes of accidents. It tends to happen in an emergency when the driver brakes heavily on a slippery road surface or in a bid to avoid an obstacle. The wheels lock and the car skids out of control. But our anti-lock braking system stops skids by giving you more control of the wheel while braking hard. That means you can stop, or steer round an obstacle.

In the past, the only way to stop wheels locking and avoid skidding was to 'cadence brake'- applying and releasing the brake quickly to prevent prolonged wheel lock and maintain control of the car.

Thanks to ABS, we can now brake far more safely, making cadence braking unnecessary. Using advanced electronics, ABS detects when a wheel is about to lock - and automatically releases and reapplies the brakes to prevent a skid.

With ordinary brakes, if the front wheels lock, they will not follow the steered path, so no matter how hard you turn your steering wheel, nothing happens. That's when you lose control of your car. But ABS prevents the wheels from locking, so you can steer to safety.


An illustration of emergency braking

City Emergency Braking

Innovative collision avoiding technology. The City Emergency Braking system is an innovative collision avoiding technology.

Automatically activated at speeds under 18mph, it uses a laser sensor to detect the risk of an impending collision and automatically primes the brakes to make them more sensitive.

If the driver does not brake and a collision is imminent then the system applies them automatically.

Depending on speed and situation, City Emergency Braking can reduce accident severity and even avoid a crash

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